The first space was on Santana's Noble Rd Farm in Armstrong, BC in a cozy 500 sqft loft that she had completely reno'd herself (the hubby helped a bit, lol). 


The reno's and the website started in January 2019 and had a very small but proud calendar of events each month starting in March 2019. Quickly she realized that this was a unique space and... there were baby goats! Who doesn't love baby goats??? Santana called up the amazing Tanya Snow Yoga and begged her to give teaching Goat Yoga a try; Santana had a big vision and Tanya had all the skills. Even though Tanya was certain she was insane she jumped in head first. They were definitely on to something because Goat Yoga was a huge hit (Mmmm goat snuggles)!


Fast forward 3 months


We're now in May and "The Little Noble Wellness That Could" has grown into something way to big for our tiny barn loft. Also, Santana was up to her neck in book work, meeting planning and marketing and she knew she would never be able to manage a business of this scale on her own.


Insert Marla Here.


By this point Santana had convinced Marla that "Noble Wellness Studio" is an actual business plan and it would totally work on a larger scale. We would have more space for vendors artwork to display throughout, host bigger workshops and be able to include more bodies into the space for yoga (previously able to uncomfortably squeeze 12.). We we're moving ahead with a woman led business in a small community with our chins held high. We we're going at this head on with no plans to ever give up.


June 2019 we moved into our current 1200 sqft space, our first "real" home.  I say home because our vision for NWS was always to have it feel like you were sitting in our living room and making space with our beautiful community. This has and always will be an inclusive space. A community space where anyone can come and feel welcomed, always.


That is our goal.