We asked our team a few questions about themselves so we could have a better understanding of who they are as a person as well as a professional.

*  Describe your role at NWS

*  What is your favorite Yoga Pose?

*  Ideal Getaway/ Weekend

*  Tell us about a strange skill or talent.

*  What are your dreams or goals?

*  What is your favourite quote?

Santana Brown

Founder | Marketting Director

Santana created NWS originally on her farm in January 2019. 

She currently owns and operates NWS with her amazing business partner by her side every step of the way.  Santana runs the marketing, website, communications and creative aspects of NWS while also teaching a few of the creative classes in the studio.


Santana would say that her favorite yoga pose is child's pose because it is such a big release after exerting yourself.  You are able to let everything go in Child's pose and it just feels so darn good.

Her ideal getaway would be to Bali with a group of inspiring women.  She has always wanted to travel all over the world and at the same time absolutely loves having beautiful mountains to climb in her own backyard.

When it comes to strange skills or talents she has many but one that stands out in particular is her ability to make people laugh...Not sure that exactly strange but her humor certainly is.

Santana would tell you that she is living her dreams and hitting her goals out of the park constantly.  She works very hard to ensure that NWS grows and thrives and remains a space of acceptance, honesty, personal growth and most importantly community.

"I never dreamed about success, I worked for it."

Found on Instagram @Santana_Brown

Marla Hoover

Managing Partner | Director of Operations

At NWS, Marla is behind the desk and behind the scenes. She works tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly and does one hell of a job!


 Her favorite yoga pose has got be to standing forward fold. There is just something about letting everything go, and hanging a heavy head.

 Marla enjoys spending time in the woods or at the beach; usually with her family close by and a good book in her hand.

 Marla is a talented crocheter of wonderful creatures. You may have seen some of her friends on her page Hoovers Huggables (FB).

" Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow there."

Found on Instagram @house_of_hoov

Tanya Snow

Yoga Instructor | Nutritionist

Tanya has been with NWS from the beginnings; from the barn to the beautiful space we have now as a Yoga Instructor.  


Tanya is an energetic and passionate yogi with a playful approach to bringing movement into each one of her classes.  Tanya is currently teaching, chair yoga, easy flow and yin, yoga conditioning, restorative yoga and mobility workshops. She will leave you feeling inspired and eager for your next class for sure.


Tanya believes in a strong daily practice for herself and is currently mastering arm balances. She has a keen sense of adventure and is always up for trying something new. You can find her on the mountain when she isn’t on the mat. 

She is dreaming and planning to go on her first ever yoga retreat, who wants to join her?? 

And her favourite quote right now is “if you can breathe, you can do Yoga!”

Found on Instagram @tanyasnow_yoga

Kate Fagervick

Yoga Instructor | Crystal Bowls Musician | Witch

1)  Describe your role at Noble Wellness Studio.


I play the quartz crystal singing bowls at NWS, supplying magical soundscapes for special events and weekly Wednesday Sound Baths.


2.)  Favourite Yoga Pose.


My favourite yoga pose is legs up the wall, or Viparita Karani. I love that it requires no warming up, that I can do it anywhere, how stress relieving that is it, and that it helps me battle chronic lower back pain. I often put music on and lay with my legs up a door in our upstairs hallway, tuning in to my breath, feeling as my whole system softens and begins to let go. Magic.


3.) Ideal Getaway/Weekend


My ideal getaway would look like my husband picking me up from work at the end of the week with a fully packed truck, whisking us away for a slushy weekend at Halcyon Hot Springs on Arrow Lake near Nakusp, BC. The happy water and tiny cabins at Halcyon always perk my spirits up and I adore travelling there to rejuvenate.


4.)  Strange skill or talent


I’m pretty good at pissing off the patriarchy, and I played the trombone as a kid.


5.)  Dreams and Goals


I want to be wildly successful doing what I love. I want life to surprise me and make me laugh. I want to feel good in my body. I want to collaborate with genius people. I want to help people learn how to heal themselves. I want to feel my feelings. Grow my own food. Make meaningful artwork. Have an impact.


6.)  Favourite Quote


“Put yourself in the way of beauty.” –Cheryl Strayed

Found on Instagram @mrsfagervik

Pam Cormier

Yoga Instructor

As a YT200 Yoga teacher, Pamela is happy to offer classes in Restorative yoga, Meditation and also Mama Baby yoga for new moms and their wee ones.

She believes that yoga gives us the ultimate tool box for life, allowing us to be present, self-care focused and restored to our genuine selves.  Her favourite yoga pose is the Restorative "legs up the wall" as it is a complete reversal of our daily routine and breaks the momentum of our busy lives.

Pam's ideal getaway would be a yoga weekend in the hills of Austria, just like in the "Sound of Music" but with yoga!!

Her other hobbies and talents revolve around her extensive collection of Vintage China, and she is a Tea Etiquette educator, runs tea party events, and is a true Tea nerd.  She dreams of one day doing a yoga class with the Duchess of Sussex, followed by a proper afternoon tea.


Pam's favourite quote is "Be the reason someone still believes in magic, truth, authenticity, compassion, intelligent conversation, loyalty, courage, and love that doesn't have an agenda" by Brooke Hamilton.

Found on Instagram @happyyogipamie

Victoria Jacob

Yoga Instructor | PHD | Craniosacral Therapist in training

Yoga keeps pulling me in. When I entered the space of yoga for the first time, it was before the time of yoga mats, yoga props and yoga butts. Our teacher focused on slow movement in the rhythm of the breath, and guided us to find the light in the darkness inside. I always remember that moment, when my attention turned inward.

Even though the surroundings changed, from high vibe urban dynamics in berlin in the 90’s and days and nights filled by academic research about the history of embodiment, counterculture and sweet long parties - to lovely Armstrong, cows and ranches, incredible spaciousness of nature and an adventure of so many colours called family life … this love for yoga, meditation and healing just kept increasing. with the one great teacher being the breath and the one great love the lightness of stillness inside.

On the mat I love to flow with asanas like meeting with living beings. A communion in which we discover ever new aspects of each other.  There is always something fresh in a flow, something unforeseen, a surprise, a reveal.  Offering vinyasa yoga I love when the whole group finds a rhythm together, tuning out of separating conditioning and into this greater flow of aliveness.  Moving in an inner space of listening, it’s intimate, it’s delicate, it’s clearing and connecting and deeply transformative. it’s like opening into the fresh wind of the breath and stretching into everywhere like a bird spreads its wings and takes off.

With adyashanti "love flows without agenda. it just flows, because that is it’s nature - to flow.” and rumi "love is the bridge between you and everything.“

find more www.spaceofyoga.ca


Tessa Wetherill

Yoga Instructor 

Tessa is certified yoga facilitator with training in Hatha yoga, Somatic Therapy and Kundalini yoga (RYT 550, KRI 200), with a background in dance and movement.   

It is her purpose and joy to bring sacredness to each moment through awareness. 



 The most important posture I’m practicing is compassion, and like everyone else I’m always practicing! Yoga has been a grounding force for me in navigating life with an open heart.  It is an honour to share yoga that is inclusive, courageous and authentic.  It is my experience that using our miraculous bodies, movement and breath, we can truly open up and remember our True Selves. 


 Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology and devotional practice that uses movement, breath, mantra and mudra to elevate the spirit.  It is accessible, profound, dynamic and transformative.  What's the deal with the turban? Kundalini yoga teachers cover their heads tying hair on top of the head and covering it allows one to harness the inflow of energy, clear thoughts from the mind, and focus during yoga and meditation. And it makes me feel like a queen!



For me, yoga has been and continues to be a long, beautiful journey of learning how to listen.  To truly, deeply listen.  First to listen to the quiet, often ignored messages from the body and then to drop deeper and listen to the tender and true voice inside. I’ve found through the practice of Kundalini yoga a new resiliency in my nervous system, an ability to ‘Calm myself and claim myself’.  What does that look like?  It means that all the time I’m growing my capacity to be the true Me, beyond the cultural conditioning and genetic programming and habitual patterning that limit my choices in how to Be.  It’s about having more options. It’s about living a life with less fear and more love. 


I’ve also made my living for most of my adult life as an organic farmer and farm educator and farm supporter, and I will continue to do that probably forever. 


"In Kundalini Yoga the most important thing is your experience. It goes right to your heart. No words can replace your experience. It integrates you more fully with reality and gives you a broader vision and sensitivity so that you can act more efficiently."  -Yogi Bhajan


Give it a try. Have your experience. 


Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 pm


These classes are open and accessible to all levels of practitioners. Please expect breathwork, mantra, movement, meditation and friendship.  Drop in. Pay what you wish. 

Kate Melvin

Yoga Instructor | 

Coming Soon.

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