38 Health Benefits of Yoga

I'm scrolling through the interweb and found a super interesting article about the 38 health benefits of yoga written by Timothy McCall, M.D.

Now I'm fully aware of many of the incredible Yoga facts; but what I really wanted to share with you is what Yoga has done for my life, beyond the scientific facts.

In October of 2016 I attended one of my first ever yoga classes taught by the amazing Tanya Snow. I walked into the big open space with a relatively large group of people, we laid out our mats and began following directions. I was a young mother of three, stressed out to the max and running a home business while managing our adorable little hobby farm. Looking back now I was a basket case with a bomb attached. Up until this point in my life I had never committed to any extracurriculars for myself, unless you count the mommy play groups as "me time"? I struggled personally with a huge amount of "mom guilt" and I kept telling myself that I couldn't commit to anything because my family needed me at home. Little did I know, more than anything in this world I needed "me time". If it hadn't come sooner rather than later, it would have been my family that suffered the most. I had been complaisant and took my mom role very seriously. Despite having strong feelings of unhappiness, depression and frustration I always wore a smile on my face.

Now I really didn't have anything to compare this yoga experience to, so I assumed it was pretty great. I got a good stretch, felt relaxed and headed home not even realizing that this was the beginning of a new me. I continued to attend these classes for many more months and continued enjoying my personal growth experience immensely. I was becoming more "me" everyday and it felt really fucking good!!! Why had I spent all this time feeling stressed out, worn out, under appreciated and exhausted? Why had I told myself that I couldn't commit to anything or worse, that I was a bad mom?

I have come to the conclusion that what I need to do is follow my inner voice that's been yelling at me for years. "Santana, you're made to do big things and don't let anything stop you!". Don't get me wrong, completing my "mom" duties (aka. housekeeping, hand holding and laundry to name a few) has brought me fulfillment. But I know that as long as I'm a good role model to my daughters, they will grow to be amazing women themselves. Being a Mom in my opinion doesn't mean being by your child's sides 24/7. They don't need us to hold their hands (even though sometimes it's hard not too.), they need us to model what a happy and positive life should look like; and that is one of the biggest takeaways I have had on my journey. Me time is no longer optional in our home, rather it is expected and actually a priority. Our kids know that mommy and daddy are aloud to do things for ourselves and we expect them to do the same. Besides work, Mommy and Daddy each have their night out during the week to focus on something as individuals. Mommy attends Yoga and Daddy volunteers at the local Fire Department. It's been this way for some time now without any complaint. Besides, what kid doesn't want a happier Mommy & Daddy?

To sum it up, Yoga has brought me all 38 amazing physiological benefits and then some! Yoga has taught me acceptance, bravery, strength (both mental and physical) and the ability to be me without guilt. I can be exactly who I am rather than the bad Mom I've been telling myself I was for years. It has introduced me to new experiences and people that I would have otherwise never met. I have grown immensely in the last three years, so much so that I am now the founder and proud co-owner of the beautiful Noble Wellness Studio right here in Armstrong, BC.

Noble Wellness Studio is my chance to help the people in our small community find their way. I want everyone in this world to be able to experience what it feels like to be genuinely happy with themselves. I want to wake up everyday and be proud of the mother I am becoming and the leader I know I was meant to be. I know that Yoga changes lives. Yoga is not just an exercise with 38 health benefits but rather a life changing practice that you will journey on for years to come.

Santana Brown.

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