Getting back into the swing.

Hey there!

How's everyone doing?

It's been a crazy adventure this year I tell yah, who's with me?? #covid2020

So, it's nearly November and our family just made one of the biggest decisions of our lives. We purchased the perfect commercial building in downtown Armstrong and I'm going to build my dream business back from the ground up. We're also heading into our busiest month ever with Hop Dawgs Home Brewing Supplies (our other family venture.) and I'm feeling moderately overwhelmed.

The renos have started and the ball is rolling on what feels like a dream come true, and I'm over here shitting my pants instead of basking in the moment.


Well if you've ever started your own business then you get the logistics of it all. Getting a space ready (or in this case a whole building...), insurance, teachers, website (luckily already built but needs updating...) and about 1000000 other things. Now toss in a sprinkle of Covid regulations and your business partner deciding entrepreneurship is not for her (I question myself every day if it's for me either!?) and BAMB! To say the least, I'm feeling super duper stressed out.

I gripe and acknowledge the struggles and I continue working through it all with my chin up. I know this is just a tough season, they all are. Life is tough and I set my mind to these goals and I will see them through to the end.

However, let me tell you, there is a HUGE silver lining. With no exact dates in mind, my plan is as follows.

Winter 2020-2021

- Open Yoga Studio for 7 in class students with zoom option for stay at home clients.

- Pop up shops, workshops, special events and more covid friendly options for our community will also be offered.

Summer/Fall 2021

- Open a curated storefront featuring local artists, yoga gear, health and wellness products and so much more.

- Open a workshop table area and offices to rent monthly/daily/hourly etc. for women in business searching for a safe and inclusive community of like minded women to work with.

My hope is to promote health, wellness, shopping local and supporting other women in business in and around the Okanagan area with the use of our beautifully designed space.

Stay tuned, because I promise you this will be interesting along the way.

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