My 'Vision' for Noble Wellness

When Santana first approached me with her crazy idea of opening up a studio on a larger scale, I was so swept up in her enthusiasm , I could only say yes!

Santana envisioned a space for yoga, for personal interest workshops that aligned with passions( hello plants and oils!) and a place to showcase the extremely talented artisans in our community. A place for people in the community to collaborate.

But, What did I see happening in this place?

I enjoy coming to my mat for some self care. But, I am not a passionate yogi. I am a local artisan, so , I can display my work. That's a plus.

But , what I really needed from this space wasn't tangible.

I wanted a feeling.

I wanted some where that when you step through the door, it feels like coming home.

I want every person to feel welcome at our table.

I want everyone to feel included, to feel safe, to feel heard and to feel loved.

I want everyone to come as they are, where they are and know that they are enough.

To know that they are worthy.

To know that the Noble women have their back.

It was no small task to get this vision ready to share with the world(or at least the Okanagan area) . But, with a lot of hard work, help from our wonderful community, and volunteered time from friends and family, we have made that dream a reality. Yes, we have yoga classes , and interesting workshops. Maybe even an oil make and take.

But, the thing I most wanted; the thing I most needed, is there for me every time I walk through that door.

And I am willing share! With anyone and everyone that needs it.

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