What Noble Wellness Means To Me.

What is Noble Wellness Studio?

Well it's a lot of things to a lot of people.

If you're just joining us within the last 6 months, the Noble Wellness Studio you have come to know and love as a welcoming, inclusive and supportive Yoga studio actually all started in a small barn loft. It was more of a meeting space for friends to discuss health and wellness on weekends.

The first space was on my Noble Rd Farm in Armstrong, BC in a cozy 500 sqft loft that I had completely reno'd myself (the hubby helped a bit, lol). I started the reno's and the website in January 2019 and had a very small but proud calendar of events each month starting in March 2019. I quickly realized that I had a unique space and... baby goats! Who doesn't love baby goats??? So I called up the amazing Tanya Snow Yoga and begged her to give teaching Goat Yoga a try; I had a big vision and she had all the skills. Even though Tanya was certain I was insane she jumped in head first. We were definitely on to something because Goat Yoga was a huge hit (Mmmm goat snuggles)!

Fast forward 3 months

We're now in May and "The Little Noble Wellness That Could" has grown into something way to big for our tiny barn loft. Also, I was up to my neck in book work, meeting planning and marketing and I knew I would never be able to manage a business of this scale on my own.

Insert Marla Here.

So now I have convinced Marla that this "Noble Wellness Studio" is an actual business plan and it will totally work on a larger scale. We would have more vendors artwork displayed throughout, host bigger workshops and be able to include more bodies into the space for yoga (previously able to uncomfortably squeeze 12.). We we're moving ahead with a woman led business in a small community with our chins held high. We we're going at this head on with no plans to ever give up.

June 2019 we moved into our current 1200 sqft space, our first "real" home. I say home because my vision for NWS was always to have it feel like you were sitting in my living room and making space with our beautiful community. This has and always will be an inclusive space. A community space where anyone can come and feel welcomed, always.

That is our goal.

Now this is titled "What Noble Wellness Means to Me?"

So what does it mean to me, Santana Brown.

Noble Wellness Studio means everything to me. It is running parallel beside my journey to better understanding who I am as a person. NWS is a direct reflection of my beliefs and my knowledge of health, wellness and community. Three years ago when my health journey started I was certainly not at all the same woman I am today. Mentally, physically and spiritually I was a completely different person, or was I? I don't think I was different as much as I was afraid to show the world the real me. For fear of being the "odd man out" in my group or sounding like I was absolutely loosing my mind. I was introduced to essential oils and an amazing group of women from around the world that were also on a similar path as myself. I was being introduced to a world that felt incredibly comfortable and sustainable for me. Feeling healthy, eating healthy and being healthy both myself and my family has become everything to me. I knew right then that my need or my calling in life was to help spread the word that natural and granola are actually a way of life and not just a way for crazy hippies.

Although there is obviously something to be said for the hippies, cause they really do have it all figured out. Just saying.

I guess what I'm getting at is that NWS is my LIFE. It is what I am so excited to wake up and start doing every day. It is often the last thing I am thinking about before going to bed at night, and you know what? I have never felt so included, loved, supported and grateful for the path this journey has led me on. I am beyond excited for the next steps NWS will take and with Marla by my side. We really make an awesome work wife team and I know that together we can reach the stars.

And by stars I mean you.



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