What your first Yoga class will look like?

So you're new to the yoga practice, and you're not quite sure what to expect?

Wanna know what the basic terms of Yoga are and their meaning so you're not feeling in the dark on your first class?

It won't mater if you have been practicing yoga for days, weeks or even years, you will always show up to your mat in a different "way" so to speak each time. Be open and kind to yourself if this is something you're trying for the first time. Be proud that you're taking the step out of your comfort zone and have confidence in knowing that you're likely not the only newbie.

You can expect that the room will be calmly lit (depending on Yoga style) and the scent will be welcoming. There will likely be yoga mats and other props such as blocks, straps or bolsters laid out or available for you to borrow. You will enter into this warm space, barefoot and in comfortable clothes. Yes that's right, pull out those stretchy pants! Sounds like a bit of a dream doesn't it? It is!!! A yoga studio should always feel welcoming and inclusive, a space for rest, rejuvenation and healing. I like to think that Noble Wellness Studio is all of these things and much, much more.

I have been practicing Yoga now for three years, and I would say that Yoga is a practice. Some days I go into the studio with a clear and focused mind. I am confident that my yoga practice will flow naturally, and then my cold little toes hit the mat and BAMB my to-do list pops up in my head. Ugh! Why is it that every time my feet hit the mat, my mind goes nuts? Well, the mind is a muscle with incredible strength and it's "job" is to think. The mindful aspect of Yoga is something you will constantly be working on throughout. You will have your good days and your hard days and that's why we call it a practice. You can expect that a million times over your mind will wander off, when all you want it to do is shut off. Keep working at it, you will be surprised how quickly you'll learn to quiet the mind and lean into the pose.

Depending on the class you will be attending (schedule here), you can expect to most likely start your practice off with a guided breathwork meditation. Sounds intimidating? This is the first few moments in class when you take some beautiful deep breaths and relax into the next hour or so of bliss. Nothing should intimidate you, just excite you for the yummy middle part of class that is coming up. Once you are through the beginning meditation your teacher will then guide you into several different poses which they're always explaining along the way. Yoga is not meant to break you, so let that negative expectation go. Yoga is meant to meet you where you're at and bring you calm in that moment. Let go and let your body guide you into each pose to the best of your ability. Remember again that this is why it's called a practice. You're not expected to come into class and bend in half, ever and that's ok. Some days you may reach your toes and others you may struggle. Your body is amazing and ever changing and we shouldn't expect it to be able to do all the things, especially on your first try.

So now you've meditated (and survived!), tried a few yoga poses (and didn't break) and you're feeling really great. Wondering in your mind why you haven't done this "Yoga" thing sooner. Your teacher is guiding you now into Savasana or Shavasana as it is most commonly referred to. Shavasana, Corpse Pose, or Mrtasana, is an asana or pose in hatha yoga and modern yoga as exercise, often used for relaxation at the end of a session. It is the usual pose for the practice of yoga nidra (a state of consciousness) meditation. It feels different then the beginning breathwork meditation, it's deeper and more restful. You know that your practice is coming to an end and you have a renewed senses of peace and calm from the last hour. You're able to settle right into this pose and enjoy the last moments of the class before heading back into reality (also known as life, ha!). In this pose you may choose to put on your socks, maybe a sweater and I often like to cover up with a heavy blanket as the body is cooling back down after practice. Your teacher may read you a passage from a book or play calming music or perhaps even guide you again through a relaxing meditation. Savasana is roughly 5-10 minutes long and comes to an end far to quickly in my opinion.

Collectively she will bring the class back into consciousness and speak a few words to the class. You will be invited to bring your hands to heart center in a prayer position and the instructor will say "Namaste". This part is totally optional and actually very neat because it signifies that each person acknowledges each others energy. That we are all one and our vibrations and energies are the same as the universe. You can think of it as a sort of way of saying thank you to those around you for sharing this space and bringing calming energy to support one another.

I hope this has helped you understand what most Yoga classes will look like. All will have difference of course based on the teacher and style of yoga, but overall the plan is the same. I hope this has eliminated any concerns or fears you may have had but please feel free to contact us with further questions or comments at


Santana Brown

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