Who is that mysterious woman?

Hello everyone!

I guess it's about time I introduce myself.

HI! My name is Marla. Nice to meet you! Do you come here often?

Many of you have seen me in the photos and videos of the studio or heard about me from Santana. But, you probably don't know much about me. So, I'll give you a little sneak peak.

13 Fun and Random Facts About Marla

1)I was born and raised in a small town in Nova Scotia, where my parents and siblings still reside.

2) I am the middle child of two of the most hardworking Postal employees that Canada has ever seen.

3) I am the mother of two wonderfully amazing children.

4) I have lived in a total of 4 Canadian provinces( N.S, P.E.I, A.B, and B.C)

5) I am extremely introverted. So, opening a business is a huge deal for me!

6)We have a dog(Ruby), two cats(Ginger & Nina) and a crown tail betta fish ( His Royal Highness King Fire tail) at home.

7) My family has called Armstrong home for the last 10 years.

8) I am a Virgo, and sometimes act accordingly

9)I met my husband in Alberta, lived there with him briefly before choosing to move to BC and extend our family

10)I love a good thunder storm

11) I am the creator of Hoovers Huggables, the adorable amigurumi stuffed toys.

12) I would much rather read an actual book then listen to one or read on a screen.

13) One of my favourite places to be is the hammock in the back yard.

Something else you want to know? Pop in to the studio and say hello!

I won't bite, I promise.

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